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Smart Radio Monitor PILOT TEST

Test your network

netBravo is a JRC project that try to map mobile coverage, WIFI channel occupancy and broadband connection speeds. Every one with a recent smart phone (Android or iPhone) can record the characteristic of the signal and broadband they're getting on their phone. If they want the app feeds the data back to JRC research project where he aggregated findings on a map is plotted.

Install application from Apple Store


Free and optimized

The app is free to download, It uses very little bandwidth and battery. The data is anonymised and JRC will not collate or store any personal data. Daily update of aggregated measurements will be available via EU Open Data portal.


Measured Parameters

  • Handset type, model and operating system version
  • Location of measurements
  • Time and date of measurements
  • Cellular performance and characteristics (GSM/UMTS/4G, signal strength, etc…)
  • Wi-Fi performance and characteristics (2.4/5 GHz used channel, security protocols, SID, etc...)
  • Broadband speed test: Download and upload data transfer rates
  • Broadband latency, ping and DNS lookup test
  • Broadband network neutrality test (VOIP, NAT, P2P, etc...)


Why is useful

It could tell us, for instance, whether our mobile networks are capable of delivering broadband connectivity in parts of the country where the fixed line service is patchy, whether coverage across cities is consistently good, and whether some operators are supplying a better service than others.